Vocal Score for piano and voices The Labyrinth – The second part of Magic Flute



The piano vocal score -reduction for piano and singers- separately to the entire orchestra material, for studying and knowing.

Free after the vocal score of Johann Henneberg (1797) modificated by E l l e n b e r g e r, Wolfgang

This is the ONLY available vocal score of this opera world-wide in modern notation.

This vocel score has the English texts, translated by E l l e n b e r g e r, Wolfgang.
Also available: German and Italian texts in separate files.

The dialogues are given in a second file in German, marked as selected fot the Salzburg festival performance 2012.
If you wish we can also translaate the dialogues for you with a surcharge.

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The printed version with spiral binding costs 199. Please write to wolfgang@ellenberger.me

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