THE Labyrinth – The second part of Magic Flute – ALL material! EN



Finally Magic Flute II – The Labyrinth is back with this new publication.
Even translated to ENGLISH!
So it can spread out in the world! (PUBLIC DOMAIN!)

In the 20th century it was performed only 10 times in the German-speaking countries.
Then 2002 in Chemnitz and 2012 in Salzburg BluRay available).

We revolutionize the Stage right by GIVING YOU THESE SCORES AS PROPERTY for a theatre´s life-time for just one purchase!
If you send the enclosed agreement signed and stamped (as pdf to ) you get a bonus of 2000 €. click here.

You get:
– partition
– piano reduction (free after Johann Henneberg 1798)
– all parts for the instruments as bassoons, celesta, celli+double-bass, clarinets, flutes, horns, oboes, piccolo, tambourine, timpani, trombones, trumpets, viola, violin I + II.
– Full libretto in German with dialogues
– full file with all sung text elements in DE + EN + IT + AR which you can use for projection of subtitles!!
– as separate article you can even buy the ORIGINAL notation software FINALE-files, if you want to make cuts or modifications! WHERE can you get that??? So the changer can get his tantiemes for the change ( live and let live!)
– besides you can get all the material for Magic flute I for FREE in this shop! We want to push the two Magic Flutes world-wide!
– You can get E l l e n b e r g e r, Wolfgang as conductor for Magic Flute I AND II see

All products of The Labyrinth click here

The printed version of all material with spiral binding costs 1999 € extra including shipping world-wide. Please write to

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