Ergonomische Klavierbank „linea Dr. Habermann“



Von der Mailänder Chirurgin Dr. Annamaria Habermann, die selbst ein Klavierdiplom absolviert hat, entwickelt. Ein MUSS für den Versteher.

If Ergonomics is the branch of science which faces the problems relating to the work of man by establishing the design criteria of works instruments, Linea®Dr.Hábermann can certainly be defined ergonomic. It has been designed to prevent and solve problem of position which can undermine the musician’s ability to play well. Dr. Hàbermann created the ergonomic seat after a long study and experience in the medical field. You can find her scientific report at:…t-dr-habermann/ ‎

CGM’s knowledge in piano benches gives a great contribution to create a product that is something special in the piano world. Linea®Dr.Hábermann will be the best friend for your piano and for your health.

Produktionszeit ca 12 Tage + Zustellung.